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Providing UNIX support, Windows® (all versions) support , telecommunications services and installations, wireless networks, MAC and Linux support, database management, DSL and phone installations, Network Security, Off-Site Backup support, and Internet access support. Provide U.S. Government Solutions Naval Afloat services. Click here for more information.

Network Dominance provides customers with superb value high quality relevant technology.

Performing invaluable customized services and products, producing superior service and support to all.

Never Take An Unwanted Call Again… Important Calls Always Reach You… Send & Receive Email From Any Phone…Dial by Voice, It Could Even Save Your Life While Driving… Too Many Numbers, No Problem, Just Say The Name… Get Voice Mail & “Call Back” To Return Calls Fast… A Single Phone Number Can Reach YOU Anywhere… Virtual Address Book Accessible From Any Phone…Always Friendly, Works 24 / 7… No New Equipment to Buy, Works On Any Phone! Network Dominance has the answer.  Click here for more information.

Our IT and Telecommunications Department would like to obtain a fixed Total Cost of Ownership. Our contracted company charges too much per hour. We rather not call them too often to help us with our business IT and Telecommunications needs. Can Network Dominance provide Operation and Maintenance support for our home office and/or business? Network Dominance can help.  Click here for more information.

New startup business? I want to start my own business. I need a cost saving package for all of my IT and Telecommunications needs. Can someone help? Network Dominance can help.    Click here for more information.


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IT cost too high? Maintenance and upgrades of software and hardware giving you problems. Do you have a backup of all your data? Tired of always having an important computer or server down? Do you have an active and up-to-date Virus Scan product running? Network Dominance has the answer. Click here for more information.

In order to provide a baseline for network design and/or infrastructure configuration Network Dominance will provide a snapshot of your existing network.  Click here for more information.

Are you Frustrated? Confused? Perhaps your computer is too slow, or maybe giving you many problems? Need more memory? Do your applications crash often? Network Dominance has the answer. Click here for more information.

How do I protect and maintenance my servers, Home Pc, and provide protection against viruses and/or hackers? What must my business do in order to secure our desktops and/or network equipment from being exploited? Click Here for more information.

Supplement, but not replace your IT staff. Reduce costs effectively when and where you need it

Test network design and technology concepts before they are deployed

State of the Art deployment of new networking technologies that give your business a competitive edge

Network Dominance can test your network performance today and plan your business intelligently for the future

Stop being delayed by maintenance cost and concentrate on growing your business.                                            Click here for more information.