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 July 19, 2004-- Using IT Solutions to Succeed in Any Industry

 By: Jadian Altemus

What’s right for your Business?

IT Managed Solutions

When it comes to the one piece of business critical data you need, right now, to finish the job and satisfy your customers virtually anywhere when and where they need it. The right solution can make the difference between business IT success and business IT failure.

Operation and maintenance reduces the hidden costs of configuring, managing and supporting distributed environments. Operation and maintenance optimizes your people processes and existing systems to be more efficient and effective. Now more than ever, businesses need to reduce costs and realize a better return on IT investment, improve system availability and service levels, and get new applications up and running quickly.

       As IT infrastructure and networks evolve, and as the number of mobile employees increases, the ability to access data on demand in a secure fashion is more essential yet more complicated than ever. Given these challenges or stumbling blocks, how can you ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve?

 How does your business respond to these challenges?

Whatever your business environment maybe, businesses must be able to surmount 3 road blocks to implementing business success and profit. These are budget, resources, and integration.

·         Lack of funding continues to be the number one problem in these hard economic times. Businesses must still show a return on investment beyond simply providing an insurance policy against failure.

·         Lack of resources to design, implement, and manage IT department solutions is a key stumbling block.  IT solutions should be complete hardware, software, and services that reduce the number of hours per week required to manage infrastructure and deliver service levels that critical applications demand.

·         Providing a solution for mission-critical applications alone may not be enough. Integration with all applications needed to keep your systems running-including e-mail, websites, and even voice mail makes the difference between having access to critical data and being able to deliver information to users and customers alike.

Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Think of Operation and Maintenance IT solutions as “Bulls-Eye” relief, identifying the problem at its source in an expeditious way, and then recommend a wise remedy with your existing IT investment. Effectively choosing a solution that meets your requirements out of the box can dramatically reduce the need for time consuming customization, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Selecting IT Services

When selecting IT Services and Enterprise solutions for all levels of IT, target services that can help you plan, deploy, and manage the level of IT management services that’s right for your business. Implement tailored solutions that fit your budget, and can help show how your business can pay you back increased efficiency and successful management of Information Technology. These services include Operation & Maintenance, Network Design, Network Security, Telecommunications, and Wireless Networks.

Network Dominance is a Certified Small Business / Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise located in San Diego, California that has been providing high quality products and services supporting corporate businesses of all sizes, including small biotech companies, law firms, entertainment venues, radio stations, doctor’s offices, dental offices, mortgage companies and realty offices, and the healthcare industry since 1998. Network Dominance offers a value-added solution that matches your goals and needs which will be invaluable to your organizations success.

Network Dominance manages technology for the customer’s office. Letting Network Dominance manage your network services can save time and money and allow your IT staff to focus on delivering applications rather than worrying about the status of the network, servers, and provide you peace of mind that your information is safe. Think of it as an insurance policy for your valuable information assets. Call Network Dominance today and start down the path of healing; Win in IT Management.


            For More Information Contact:

        Network Dominance
        1130 Via Trieste    
        Chula Vista, Ca 91911

        Tel: 619-365-9305
        FAX: 619-425-5612


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